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  • I would like a statement of my account that covers everything I’ve ever done. How do I get that?
    Click on Statements. In the “Generate Statement” area, enter a Start Date that is on or before your first gift to PAAF. Enter the current date as the End Date, and click on Generate Statement
  • I’ve misplaced my Username, Password or Pin. How do I sign on?"
    If you can't find the username, password or PIN for your PAAF account, your logon information will need to be reset, since all three of those items are required to access the system. Keep in mind that your username is always an email address. For a reset of your logon details, please contact Kelly Fromuth at, or office (717) 255-8311 x 3342; cell (717) 773-5616). A reset won't cause any lose of data for your account.
  • I want to request a grant to a new organization but I don’t have all the information to complete all of the sections on the Grant Request Form. What can I do?
    It is not necessary to complete all sections of the Grant Request Form, however the more information you provide will result in a faster turnaround timeframe. At the very least, if you provide the name and address of the charitable organization, PAAF will research the remainder of the data required to process your grant request.
  • I would like to request a grant to an organization that I’ve given to before. I know there’s a shortcut way to do that but I can’t remember how.
    On the Grant history screen, find the grantee to which you would like to make a new grant. On the far right side, click the box and then click Quick Grant. On the next screen, you can change the amount and give us any special instructions you might have for handling this grant.
  • I would like to add to my donor-advised account but don’t want to send you a check. Is there an alternate way to add money to my account?
    Click on Donate Now. On the next screen, click on the button at the top that is marked “ACH”. This is the way you can set up an automated one-time transfer from your bank account to PAAF. Fill in the Amount and the Bank Information. Your bank’s routing number and your account number can be found at the bottom of your check. Click Submit and the money will be moved from your account, typically on the next business day.
  • I know that I’ve made several grants to the same organization but it’s difficult to see them all in the listing of Grants. Is there a way to focus on an individual grantee?
    There are actually two ways to manage your Grant history. The easiest way, if you’re focused on one grantee, is to use the Additional Options section of the Grants screen. Click on the drop down menu.
  • I’m not currently receiving my statements electronically and would like to switch to electronic delivery. Is there a way to do that without calling you?
    Click on Account Maintenance near the top of the screen and then click on Account Information. The next screen will allow you to change most of the personal information we have recorded about your account, including phone numbers and addresses. At the bottom of this screen is a box labeled “Basic Info Changes”. At the bottom of this box, there’s a drop-down box next to an item that says “Receive E-Statements”. If you select Yes, and then click on Save, your preference will be updated. That means that, at the point in time that we stop sending paper statements to everyone on a quarterly basis, you will no longer receive a paper statement. Instead, you will begin receiving an e-mail notifying you when an on-line statement is available each month.

Additional or specific questions, contact Kelly Fromuth at 717-255-8311 ext. 3342 or

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