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Account Holders

Paul K. and Anna E. Shockey Family Foundation
CARing For Kids Foundation
Faulkner Family Foundation
Matt and Tiff Stuckey Foundation
Suzi & Scott Lustgarten Family
Stuckey Family Foundation
Robert P. Kelly Family Foundation
Greater Pittsburgh Auto Dealers Fund
Judy Faulkner and Art Riexinger
Robert III & Joanne Preston Family
Joseph & Mary Faulkner Family
Wynn Family Foundation
John & Loriann Putzier Foundation
Grtr Lehigh Auto Dealers Foundation
Earle M. Mitchell Memorial Foundation
Giambalvo Family Foundation
William P. and Lorraine Manos
Faulkner Automotive Group Foundation
Blaise Alexander Family Foundation
JL Freed Foundation
Greg and Susan Sutliff Foundation
Rob & Christina Cochran Family
Ann Harris Smith Foundation for Gynecological Cancer Awareness
Roy V Fund
Ballantine Family Charitable Fund
Lewis Family Foundation
Deborah Numrich Campbell Foundation
Landis Family Foundation
MAC Chapman Family Foundation
Rentschler Chevrolet Chrysler Jeep Dodge Foundation
Wind Gap Chevrolet Buick Foundation
Sullivan Numrich Family Foundation
John Oyler & Gail Faulkner Foundatio
Craig and Susan Scott Foundation
Robert & Gail Hunter Foundation
David & Marlo Kelleher Foundation
Kermit & Clarisse Hicks
Lydia M. Oyler Memorial Foundation
Hawkins Helping Hands Foundation
Smail Family Foundation
Fred & Bonnie Savage Foundation
James & Michele Peruto Fund
Chip Miller Memorial Foundation
Allan & Barbara Jennings Family
Turner Family Foundation
Scott Auto Group Foundation
Kenneth J. Lustgarten Foundation
Larry and Gloria New Foundation
Gregg and JennySemel Foundation
Motts Family Foundation (002)
Rentschler Family Foundation
Duke & Melissa Scott Family
Baglier Family Fund
Bill and Donna Lake Family
Sterling Baugher Family Fund
Three Little Angels Foundation
Thomas & Frances Rohrich Foundation
Bromley Family Pic
Eric & Deborah Hessinger
David and Megan Oyler Foundation
Fox Family Fund
Ciocca Family Foundation
Fichett Family Foundation (002)
D'Agata Family Foundation
Mummert Family Foundation
DP Trish Photo2
Perry Family Foundation
Joseph and Nancy Mycka Foundation
Scott & Lucinda Friedman Fund
Peter and Alison Lustgarten Foundation
Jack and Cate Oyler Foundation
Josepha and Karen Thurby Family Foundation
Rolen & Patricia Ferris Foundation
James & Virginia Jones Foundation
David Watts Fund
Angela & Harry Faulkner Family Fund
Biondi Family Foundation
Pompey Auto Group
Casey Fund
Andy & Carol Scott Fund
The Third Day Fund
Scott and Wendy Brewer Foundation
Turner Hydraulics Foundation
Margo and Daniel Polett Fund
Middleton Family Foundation
J. Paul and Dusty McMillen Family Fund
Robert and Dana Rafferty Family Foundation
Matt and Karen Clark Family Fund
Richard Salezze Family Fund
Friedman Family Fund
William Egan Fund
Benson Family Fund
Jacqueline & Earl Berger
Shuman Family Fund
Hurt Family Foundation
Thomas & Marge Noerr Fund
Edward & Jane Noerr Fund
Thomas & Cheryl Leydig Fund
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