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PAA Foundation Mission

The PAA Foundation fulfills its mission to support, enhance and promote the charitable activities and good works of Pennsylvania new car and truck dealers through PAAF Donor Advised Accounts and PAAF Benefactor Clubs. PAAF Donors embody the spirit of dealers who have always “given something back” by contributing generously to support those in need in their communities. Generous grants from PAAF donors touch many lives and help hundreds of charitable organizations throughout the Commonwealth and beyond.

Advantages of a PAAF Donor Advised Fund

-   Legacy. Establish a named family fund, giving you the recognition and pride of a private foundation, but with no administrative hassle, lower fees, and greater tax benefits
-   Tax Advantages. An immediate tax deduction when you establish your fund and a charitable deduction every time you make a gift to your fund
-   Many Ways to Give. Gifts to your fund may consist of cash, stock, or other assets
-   Family Involvement. Involve your family as advisers now and arrange for future generations to continue your charitable legacy in lifetimes to come
-   Ease. Consolidate all your charitable giving in one fund and let the Foundation manage the administrative services, at a minimal fee, so you are free to focus on making an impact
-   Impact. Recommend the grants of your choice, on your schedule and fulfill your philanthropic goals

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